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hey guys,

so this is my first post on my new website. i don't really have much to say on this post, however there is a lot going on with life so i'll give a quick run down. i am in the process of moving from the south to nyc. this will be huge for me because nyc is the mecca for advertising and a beautiful place for video and photography work.

i will be transferring apple stores (my current place of work) so i can at least have some sort of income. i'll also be picking up random freelance gigs here and there. so if you are in the nyc area, feel free to link up. there is nothing better than when creatives link up and make beautiful art.

right now i am working a summer camp with kids for two weeks here in knoxville, tn. these are some pretty cool kids here. some of them can be very intellectual, however some can be a little rough around the edges. it's my job to help these kids out as much as i can just because i came from the same parts and background as a lot of them.

but yea, i'm out of stuff to talk about so i guess that's it. i will be doing weekly updates letting you know what all is going on in life. be blessed and be a blessing, peace.


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